Hi, I'm Aubrey Fisher

Demo Reel
Here is some of my best work from the last few years! Not all of it ended up in a final project, but every one of these clips has a story behind it and holds a special place in my heart.
Skills: Videography, Editing, Drone, Motion Design.
Programs: DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Blender, Illustrator.
We Are Mendota Promo
Mendota Rowing Club, a local nonprofit, needed a promotional video to raise awareness of rowing in the community. I leapt at the opportunity to help them out! As a team of one, I assessed their requirements, filmed various practices, conducted interviews, edited everything together, and ultimately produced a captivating video that surpassed their expectations.
Skills: Interviewing, Videography, Editing, Working With Clients
Programs: DaVinci Resolve
Chess Piece Explainer
So often videos about chess are just someone talking while showing an uninteresting 2d chess board. For this project, I wanted to explain how chess pieces move in a more engaging way. A way that younger people who might not have the patience to sit through a boring lecture could still find entertaining and informative.
Skills: 3D Animation, Motion Design, Infographic Design.
Programs: Blender, After Effects, Illustrator.
Lost In The Past
Through this short film, I wanted to show how hard it can be to move on from the loss of a loved one. Additionally, I wanted to help reduce unsafe driving by showing people what could happen if they hit someone. This was an emotional peace to create since my parents are the actors. Fun fact: none of the sound was recorded on location!
Skills: Sound Design, Color Grading, Storytelling.
Programs: DaVinci Resolve
Visual Communications Promo
I had a wonderful time directing this promo video for the Visual Communications Program at Madison College. With pre-production help from Desia Xiong, shot primarily by Joe Clark, edited by myself and Joe, and with additional help from other visual communication students and faculty (credited in the video description), we created an engaging video that offers a good introduction to the ViComm program. This was my first time having a bigger crew, and although it was challenging at times, it was also a great experience bringing people together to create a video we all feel proud of.
Skills: Directing, Leadership, Teamwork, Editing
Programs: DaVinci Resolve